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Rafael Moneo

Editorial C2C 
Hope founded.
It is evident that there are things that do not need introduction, because by themselves they give account of their relevance and their content.
This book is one of  these.
Since, as Moneo points out, at this moment it is very opportune to consider the "meaning that the work of these architects has at the beginning of this 21st century, in which we are well advanced", because:
"The wide recognition that his work has had in the first decade of the 21st century - which has forced them to have powerful studies to be able to respond to the demand of projects from around the world - justifies that we have chosen them as examples to show some of the questions that today animate the theoretical discussion about what is the immediate future of architecture ".
Question that becomes more patent if we look at what Moneo points to below:
"There is therefore a need to establish new parameters from which to explain the situation in which the architecture is today. I want to think that the examination of the work of these four architects can help to reinforce this idea and encourages critics and historians to open new paths to explain current architecture, something that will surely help professionals to place their work in what they are. the real coordinates in which they are produced today ".
Something that can not fail to fill me with content thinking about the good that these pages can do in those whose hands reachit.

Soft Cover
Over 245 pages
635 color photography
Format: 25x19cm.
P.V.P 30,00€


Editorial C2C 
is an editorial project that
brings together 100 of Juan Rodriguez's
photographs of projects from the
last 10 years designed by the prestigious
Portuguese architectural studio AIRES MATEUS.
This is limited edition,
a book for collectors which
orders the photographs not by the
order of the projects rather by
the LIGHT they emit. LIGHT, an essential
construction material associated with ADN AIRES MATEUS.
LIGHT is a book that has been edited
to show the finest details. A solid
and exclusive editorial project undertaken
by the studio desescribir. A unique
book in terms of form and content.

Hard Cover
Over 180 pages
Format: 24x32cm.
P.V.P 40,00€

Carrilho da Graca Lisboa

Editorial C2C 

Hard Cover
Over 150 pages
Format: 21,5x16,6cm.


Arq. Francisco Mangado

Reflections on Norvento's New Autonomus Headquarters.
Editorial C2C 

Hard Cover
200 pages
Format: 21x29 cm.
6 texts
76 photographs
7 planes double-triple page


El Pabellón Español en la XV Bienal de Arquitectura de Venecia

Editorial C2C 
80 pg
16,5 x 23,5 cm
-Alberto de Luca
-Francisco Mangado
-Carlos Quintans
P.V.P: 15,00€

Congress Palace and Palma de Mallorca Hotel

Arq. Francisco Mangado

Editorial C2C 

322 pg
16,5 x 23,5 cm
Text Francisco Mangado
Interview Llatzer Moix
22 planes
140 photographs
P.V.P: 40,00€