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Archives 10

Mauricio Rocha

Arts. Oaxaca, México. 2009
Sound Pavilion. San Luis Potosí, México. 2009
San Pablo Academic and Cultural Centre. Oaxaca, México. 2012
Anahuacalli Museum. Coyoacán, Mexico City, 2021
Iturbide Studio. Coyoacán, Mexico City. 2017
Los Chocolates. La Carolina, Cuernavaca, Model, México. 2018
Fe María House. Oaxaca, México. 2019
Cometa House. Mazunte, Oaxaca, México. 2019
Four Seasons. Jalisco, México. 2022
San Pedro Factory. Uruapán, Michoacán, México. 2023
Cuatro Cuatros. Ensenada, Northern Baja California, México. 2023

396 pages
Format 17×24 cm
4000 copy edition
design by desescribir
Archives 10 launch special gift:
Each copy of Archives 10 contains a numbered Juan Rodriguez original photograph reinterpreted by Mauricio Rocha




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