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Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu

Verbrande Brug- Grimbergen-Belgium 2016
Enghien- Edingen – Belgium -2017
Tangram- Kortrijk – Belgium -2016
La fille d´O- Antwerp – Belgium 2016
Famous- Groot-Bijgaarden- Belgium- 2013
Cadix- Antwerpen- Belgium 2017
Steenhouwdijk – Bruges- Belgium-2018
DC L-Berg. Ghent – Belgium. 2016
Podium Pile Pavilion. Horst – Belgium 2017
Caritas- Melle- Belgium 2017
Kapelleveld- Ternat- – Belgium 2017

Features: 336 pages. Format: 17×24 cm. 4,000 copy edition. Publication: Junio de 2018



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