Archives 5

Manuel Gallego

House in O Carballo, Oleiros, Spain. 1979
Sacred art museum. A Coruña, Spain. 1987
Fine arts museum. A Coruña, Spain. 1995
Buildings for research institutes. Santiago de Compostela, Spain 1999.
Galician presidential complex. Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 2002
Lira fish market. Carnota, Spain. 2008
Pilgramage museum. Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 2012
Pazo de Vilanova de Arroxo. Ourense, Spain.2019
House in Corrubedo. A Coruña, Spain. 1970
Santa Lucia Market. A Coruña, Spain. 1980
House in Arousa. Illa de Arousa. Pontevedra, Spain. 1982
Chantada culture house. Lugo, Spain. 1990
Valdoviño culture house. A Coruña, Spain. 1983

Features: 332 pages. Format: 17×24 cm.. 4,000 copy edition
Special gift: Each copy of Archives 5 contains a numbered Juan Rodríguez original photograph reinterpreted by Manuel Gallego.

24.00 inc.VAT



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