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Archives 2

Bearth & Deplazes

House in a garden, Malans, Switzerland. 1989
Towerhouse II. Sevgein, Switzerland. 1998
Mountain hut I. Fanas, Switzerland. 1999
Towerhouse I. Fläsch, Switzerland. 2001
Obrecht Winary. Jenins, Switzerland. 2007
Gantenbein Winary. Fläsch, Switzerland. 2008
Mountain hut II. Zermatt, Switzerland. 2009
Clinic Gut. Fläsch, Switzerland. 2016
Living in a verandahouse II. Tamis, Switzerland. 2016
House in a row. Fläsch, Switzerland. 2017

Features: 324 pages. Format: 17×24 cm.. 3,000 copy edition. Publishing date: 2017 Decembre
special gift: Each copy of Archives 2 contains a numbered Juan Rodriguez original photograph reinterpreted by Andrea Deplazes, Valentin Bearth & Daniel Ladner.



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